• Vaser Hi-Def Delivers Sculpted Abs

    Using ultrasonic waves, the Vaser Hi-Def breaks up stubborn fat that is closest to the skin enabling highly defined body sculpting.

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  • Austin Clinic Says “Clear Skin is For Everyone!”

    Escobedo Skin Center is pleased to announce its 2nd Clear Skin Acne Drive. The Clear Skin Acne Drive is meant to raise awareness about acne ...

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  • Join Westlake Dermatology for their All Day Event

    September 18, visit Westlake Dermatology for some awesome bargains!

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  • Psoriasis Treatment with Light Therapy in Austin

    Westlake Dermatology is now offering treatment of psoriasis with the XTRAC Laser.

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  • Westlake Dermatology Announces - Special Event

    Westlake Dermatology invite you to join them for - Save on Products, Botox, and More at their North Austin Event.

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More Local Aesthetic News...
Now Offering Custom Dentures and $100 Off Initial Patient Visits

Elite Dentistry is now offering custom dentures along with $100 off initial patient visits. Elite Dentistry understands how important it is to have a natural looking smile that has functional teeth that don't slip excessively. The dentures offered use advanced technology and are customized to the individual's anatomy. All aspects of the dentures can be customized from the size and shape of the teeth to the color of the gum tissue.